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    What is Curriculog?

    Curriculog is SJSU's paperless curriculum management system that automates the process of curriculum approval, helping colleges and universities to approve course and program changes and improve communication about the curriculum across campus. The system was used since Fall 2018. For curriculum proposals and course files prior to Fall 2018, SJSU faculty and staff can view the Google Shared Drive Historical Curriculum Proposals.

    Access to Curriculog

    You are currently viewing Curriculog as a guest. Please login by clicking “Login” at the top right corner of your screen. ALL SJSU community members with a SJSU email address and SJSU ID have access to Curriculog. If you are a committee member or in an approval role and do not have the right roles assigned to your account, please contact

    Training for Curriculog:

    For Curriculog one-on-one training or department training or access to the CANVAS Curriculog Training Course please contact Ryan Ramirez, the Curriculum and Academic Program Analyst via

    Curriculum Procedures: Curriculum Website

    The Curriculum website includes detailed information about requirements for different types of curriculum proposals.  

    No curricular change, and new degree or concentration, may be publicized before final approval. There are legal implications

    Curriculum Deadlines: Curriculum Deadlines Wesbite

    Lead times for new courses and degree changes to appear in the Schedule of Classes or be reflected in the University's Online Academic Catalog are longer than most anticipate.

    Curriculum Office

    The Curriculum Office, which includes representatives from College of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Education Office, can assist you with planning to help you meet the various committee meeting deadlines. 

    Listed below are the symbols and colors utilized in Curriculog:

    • = has not made a decision
    • = approved
    • = rejected
    • = held
    • = suspended
    • = cancelled
    • = multiple decisions
    • = task
    • = mine
    • = stuck
    • = urgent, out of date import source









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